How it works


So, you have a discussion coming up  at work. With a colleague, a manager, a client or a supplier, perhaps. And you could use some help preparing for it.

Perhaps you think it's a challenge to speak or to find the right words. Whatever your issue, your sparring partner can give you a little push in the right direction, to help you express yourself in a way that suits your natural style.

The guiding points that the sparring partner provided helped immensely to determine the root cause of my problem.
Anmol Aggarwal | PhD Candidate | University of Twente

How do I set up a meeting with a sparring partner?

Step 1 
INTAKE – Choose a sparring  partner and make an appointment here. Live or online? You and your partner will decide. Please complete the questionnaire. It will help you and your sparring partner get a clear view of what you want to achieve in your discussion.

‚ÄčStep 2 
BASIC HELP SESSION – A basic help session takes a maximum of one hour. This makes it to the point, while we keep our services accessible and affordable. You will be given practical tips tailored to your specific situation. You will enter them on a worksheet that you draw up together with your sparring partner. You can use the techniques directly in your work.

Step 3  
THE DISCUSSION AT WORK – Then comes the point when it all gets tested: you apply what you practised in the basic help session. You have been given tips about how to articulate what you want to say and what you can do to make sure the settings work for you as much as possible.

Step 4  
FOLLOW-UP DISCUSSION – Finished that stressful discussion at work? Your sparring partner will ring you at a pre-arranged time to reflect on how well you did. You might get some extra tips that you can use the next time. 

How much does it cost?

We believe that everyone is entitled to conversational help. That’s why we offer a range of packages and rates. This makes us accessible to as many people as possible. Will you be paying for our help yourself? In that case we charge €149, excluding 21% VAT, including questionnaire, basic help session, worksheet and follow-up. 

Will your employer be paying? Then perhaps you have already been informed. If not, please contact us for further information.